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This make me so sad Steven Universe t Steven universe
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This makes me sad... | GEMS! | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Steven universe gem
I really didn't like this ep because Smoky is a combo of 2 gems
Makes me wanna pull a trigger. p1 Steven Universe ...
They say home is where the heart is, but what shame, because everyone's heart doesn't beat the same. | Steven Univerise | Pinterest | Steven universe, ...
Steven Universe | The Series So Far | Cartoon Network
"Here Comes a Thought" | Steven Universe | Cartoon Network - YouTube
Why did this amuse me so much?
I don't think I enjoyed that because Lion is not long for this world and that makes me really sad | Things I Love | Pinterest | Steven universe, ...
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Steven Universe | Peridot is Sad | Cartoon Network
This is so true! Except I don't really agree with Sapphire being Sadness. That should be Lapis Lazuli. I'm not so sure about Amethyst though.
I am the person who makes the jokes about my depression/anxiety and people laugh. Least I have some friends who care @twighlightclan @jaycamac
Image: Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)
"Can't Go Back"/"A Single Pale Rose". B+. Steven UniverseSeason 5. "
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ruby in steven universe reunited
believeinsteven, stevenuniverse < < cool i don't need my heart anyways
What even was this person thinking, when they made this? This is so heartbreaking! I cried. I legitimately cried. Find this Pin and more on Steven Universe ...
Guys, i dont think you know how much this has broken me. he jumped from the cliff and has no idea if he will regenerate.
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This is an interesting theory. This is one of my favorite songs from the show. Steven Universe ...
Deep Steven's Universe Quote
If the made it into the show, I'd cry for an eternity. *silently cries in dark corner *. Find this Pin and more on Steven Universe ...
Season 4 Episode 6: Last One Out of Beach City
This made me think that once Steven shatters garnet is almost immediately going to separate because of both shock and losing one of the things they love the ...
That sounds like pretty bad feeling. Steven Universe ...
Cartoon Network. Sometimes, when watching Steven Universe, I get the impression that ...
Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak memes danker
White Diamond Saves Steven Universe By Destroying EVERYTHING! - Steven Universe Discussion
Steven Universe - I like how everyone has really meaingful quotes...and then there's Amethyst XD
This must be canon.it makes completely sense. This still breaks my heart Steven Universe ...
Her silhouette looks like Lars... Foreshadowing? Steven Universe Spoilers, Steven Universe
Oh my gosh this is adorable why cant they just date already! I guess Sadie is waiting for Lars to grow up
... like the Gems, that the people they love could get hurt. These 'filler' episodes help the audience get invested in the world around our main characters.
stevenuniverse She probably felt sad being away from homeworld so I gave her my bear.
Steven Universe Ending Theme - Full Edit (COMPLETE/August 2016) - Love Like You/Love Me Like You - YouTube
I'm not okay with this
I love the song "Its over isn't it". Steven Universe,
When I was like 8 I cached a frog and tried to give it to a girl I like but she ran away screaming. I was sad but week later she gave me ...
types of diamond moms steven universe memes
So be it ... "Steven" Do you really think that with friendship you can save your little world and your friends?  Very well. Show it to me, then, ...
You can't buy fun but you can download it. Steven universe ...
Lapis Lazuli and Jasper (Steven Universe Parody) - YouTube
Screenshot from Steven Universe return trailer 10/30/17. “
It also makes me feel lonely and sad. Amethyst, Pearl, Steven, Celestine, Garnet, and Lapis have all fused and I haven't. Lapis' fusions weren't all that ...
What Pearl does during all those nights she watched Steven sleeping Steven Universe Anime, Pearl
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Like, is he going to die and try to recreate rose ? Find this Pin and more on Steven Universe ...
I feel as if this could be an extension to her song "it's over,. Steven Universe ...
I don't think I enjoyed that because Lion is not long for this world and that makes me really sad
This makes me hope Steven saves jasper .
Steven Universe's Quiet Gender Revolutions
Steven Universe | Amethyst Takes Steven To Where She Came From | Cartoon Network
In-depth analysis of the Pearl Theory. Theories About LearningSteven universe ...
Crystal Clear - A Steven Universe Series S3 • E99
Steven Universe | Lars of the Stars | Cartoon Network
I have no Steven Universe avatars queued up to draw. This makes me a sad Lar. Please help fund MS Research & I'll draw stuff for you!pic.twitter.com/ ...
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I adore how the show does not hold back on Steven's femininity and how the town doesn't bat an eye at it.
Steven Universe - Steven and Connie | So many nerds, so little time | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Fandoms
Steven Universe - Rock Invader
Steven Universe | Steven and Connie Fuse - Alone Together | Cartoon Network
Here Comes a Thought - Steven Universe Clip + Lyrics | Mindful Education - YouTube
Steven Universe | Kevin Party | Cartoon Network
After Pearl is sad because she can no longer visit other worlds than earth because of the broken galaxy warps Steven wants to make her feel better by ...
Steven Universe is Garbage and Here's Why
Every Hug On Steven Universe
Aunt patrol | Welcome to the SU fandom! Good luck | Steven universe, Universe, Steven universe funny
Steven Universe | Sadie Sings "The Working Dead" | Cartoon Network
Lars and Sadie Sadie And Lars, Insecure, Depressed, Lars Steven Universe, Fanart
this was me before i watched steven universe tbh but i knew who sapphire and ruby were from a YTP
This is so true sad that pearl doesn't truly care about Steven but true
this makes me sad. Find this Pin and more on ⭐Steven universe⭐ ...
This makes me cry. I was so sad to see Gravity falls leave!!
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It took me a while to figure out the eyes because I was trying to make her crying or sad, but I couldn't get it right. So I settled for this,
steven universe gems reunited
Steven universe
... didn't get the pose feel I wanted, but it's close enough, so meh. I was also going to include a video, but my computer hates me so it didn't happen rip
Blue Diamond. “
Steven Universe: We Are The Crystal Gems - Music Video (Extended Intro) - YouTube
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Nathalie F. Steven Universe
I LOVED this OML it made me really appreciate Amethyst. Find this Pin and more on Steven Universe ...
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“I love the diversity in Steven Universe but it makes me sad that there isn
steven universe characters season 5